Hydraulics and Filtrations


Today, many Hydraulic equipment have been applied in the machinery due to its advantage in design simplification, easy to use and to maintenance such as small equipment with high power, easy to control and easy to add new equipment. With such advantages, Hydraulic systems are widely used in heavy industry which requires the high power equipment in compact size, for  Steel Plant , Aluminum Extrude, Power Plant , Agriculture, Construction, Excavator, and Defense.

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Our Filtration Technology has the technical expertise to provide superior filter element designs. We have the most diverse range of replacement filtration while maintaining or surpassing the original performance.

We offer a full range of filtration products and services which will provide the highest level of contamination control demanded by today’s most sophisticated applications.

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We have large availability of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, spare parts from more than 50 suppliers.

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